Spray-applied insulation helps in heating and cooling in walls and is very versatile for multiple applicatons and substrates, including commercial, residential and storage buildings, silos, coolers, freezers and refrigerated air, rail and truck transportation.
Spray-applied closed cell polyurethane foam is also ideal for insulating wall interior, stud wall insulation and air seal, as well as outside insulation applications.
Polyurethane Spray Foam Systems
Product range
Full range of Fire Retarded & special use formulations - AS/NZS 3837:1998 Cone Calorimeter Test Performance certified products
Low halide systems for tank / pipe insulation applications
Density range from 25 to 400 kg / m
High density protective "hardcoat" systems for PU / EPS foam / timber substrates
Thermal insulation of roof / wall, tank, process equipment - systems for internal and external application
Thermal insulation of commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings
Sealing of grain storage silos
Full range of products for Theme Park Movie set / "special effects" applications
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