Fusion CS
High pressure and mixing and pouring mix heads
SAIP designs and manufactures high pressure mixing and pouring heads in different models and sizes covering all polyurethane foams applications in open and closed mould pouring.
The mixing head is the core of the high pressure foam dispensing machines and must be well engineered, reliable, accurate and durable.
Their reduced weight and size, can be easily used for manual operation or be adapted for the use with robots and manipulators in case of an automated operation.
Mixing heads mix the components by impingement at dampened flow in a mixing chamber which is mechanically cleaned by a hydraulically operated self-cleaning piston.
SAIP guarantees high performance and quality together with excellent engineering, as well as the best balance between technology and price
Hydraulically operated
Self-cleaning principle
Automatic cycle electronic control
Impingement principle
Different nozzles needles
Direct calibration
Open and closed mould pouring
Pouring time capability less than 1 second
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