Fusion CS
Fast-set Plural component Equipments
Graco’s E-XP2 Reactor is a state-of-the-art plural component proportioning system that gives superior performance, control and accuracy. It is designed to apply polyurea, foam and other materials that require accurate temperatures and pressures necessary for ultimate coating performance.
Pressures up to 3500 psi (241 bar, 24.1 MPa)
Sprays the most advanced materials including polyurea and polyurethane coating
Easy-to-use and dependable for increased productivity
Accurate heating with precise temperature sensing
System controls with diagnostics
Auto-shutdown and job data reporting
Portable, wheeled cart allows you to get closer to the job and takes up less trailer space
Electric motors improves performance and reduces operating costs
Pressure balance valves for quick and easy balancing of system pressures
Easy to service fluid section reduces maintenance and increases productivity
High output heaters up to 15,300 watts keep temperatures constant
Balanced proportioning eliminates pressure fluctuations and gives you a consistent spray pattern
Steel front bumper protects system components from impact.
Revolutionary Vertical Pump Design
Circular crank drive delivers smoother operation by eliminating the quick pump changeover of traditional horizontal pumping systems
Slower pump changeover ensures proper material loading and maintains accurate mix ratio
Improved pump loading reduces the size of supply pumps needed for the system
Superior Heating
Digital heat and pressure for greater application accuracy and control
High wattage heaters easily reach and maintain required temperatures
Easy-to-Use and Service
Reduced size and weight for mobile applications
Quick knockdown fluid sections streamlines maintenance and service
Simplified controls reduce operator training and increase productivity
Application Control
Data reporting provides job application data
User can output data in spread sheet format for quick graphing of
application temperatures and pressures
System diagnostic codes for quick and easy troubleshooting
Automatic shutdown with pressure imbalance
Polyurea coatings
Polyurethane coatings
Adhesives and caulks
Other materials requiring accurate temperatures and pressures
Concrete coating
Tank/pipe coating
Wastewater treatment
Manhole/sewer reconditioning
Insulation foam
Secondary containment
Roof coating
Adhesives and caulks
Industrial maintenance
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